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we headed into texas. texas always has one of our craziest shows of tour. last tour it was dallas. this time austin was the most intense. mostly cause it was a free DEEP WEB show and 20,000 people were there. we got to meet lion babe. good people. they did this kind of prayer intro thing before their set that was dope. The Cool Kids dropped in too and did a set.

we stayed in a lake house that whole week. marcus took some pictures of naked girls and it was funny to come downstairs for a capri sun and see him working. this is a circus. we're in a circus.

i don't know if u read famuel's article. but u might want to. it's a good look at tour life. tho, he did forgot to mention that you can't shit on the bus. which is more of a burden than u'd think.

after texas is the hardest part of tour. cause it's the north and it's cold still and a nice shower is hard to come by. everyone will get sick. but it's also the prettiest part of tour. lots of mountains and purple in the sky (if u have my snapchat, u saw it).

i see a lot of people im never going to see again. i think about that constantly on the road.

they confiscated my vaporizer at the border (which i didn't understand cause u can buy a vaporizer on either side of the border) then stripped searched me. the ol' CLICK HERE. damn son.

i do this impression on the bus of ariana grande talking about "█████ ████". it's classic.

the new york show was intense. i don't remember much of the performance, which is good. means ur in the moment. BOOTS got me a new vape. i was very grateful. he was also on tour with us until nyc... he's kind of a phantom.

we did a show with juicy j in ohio. me and steve talked about how he had it right from the beginning. he found that flow and it's worked since i was in fucking fifth grade. that shit is stupid. his show was fly too.


can a nigga hit it - 100s
young rich niggas - migos
never too much - luther vandross
they gave the wrong niggas money - johnny cinco
man on the moon - moses sumney
benz friendz (whatchutola) ft. andre 3000 - future
irie trill vibes - leather corduroys
a bunch of beats he gave me - childish major
everywhere - fleetwood mac