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good tour. thank u for supporting. thank u for following the blog.

i appreciate everybody who came out with [THE BOY] for a moment on the path.

special thanks to the band (Ludwig, Ray, Thomas, Lynette, and Chris) and the hardest working crew on earth for doing incredible work. special shoutout to ray for the videos. they were fly.

i wanted to say something before we go...

the past couple weeks i've read or heard that i hate "black people" and/or "white people". also some radio won't play me now because of what i said. which is fine.

im not going to apologize for saying what i said in my interviews. watch them in full, in context, here and here. make ur own decision.

i said what i said because it was funny (to me) and the truth (to me). and i don't see it as a race issue. it's an american issue. i'm american. the cops also shot latinos and white people this year (not as many as black people, by FAR, but it happened) and it's important to discuss these things honestly so we can grow together. because there's so much shit everywhere and if you brand urself right, people just believe you.

i don't always wanna talk about race. i wanna talk about us. i want us to s[olve]ave ourselves. no one's better or worse than anyone. and anyone who thinks that we don't need each other to get through this is being shortsighted. because we r them.

there's a reason "bro rape" is still up on youtube. i could take it down, but that's not real life. i also think the stuff in that video is still very relevant and worth talking about. but it's still up. because people should understand u don't have to be perfect. you can just learn.

im trying to find/make a safe place for that...

i need u to be aware.

people get paid by how fast you click on it. not how long you think about it.

time is the real currency. that and trust. that's what ROYALTY is. we want all of us to make it out of this together.

the thing that will set us apart is our human reasoning and empathy for each other.

and **R E M E M B E R**

this is just a moment. everything is a moment. You can't sa ve it. c An u s a v e us? y O u ha v e to r E m em b er u SSS..........

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